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Hi guys,

 I’m writing you to catch you up on places I’ve been, because the last time we checked in with an old-fashioned journal where we catch up and give you some zoo and animal related updates, was September 23rd

 I had intended to celebrate having reached a little over 25,000 pageviews with this journal, but for some reason my pageview count suddenly spiked on Wednesday. We normally reach 30-50 pageviews a day, so we thought we could anticipate on it, and now 3 days in a row, we’ve reach 113, 307 and 152 pageviews…

Even though the expected decline took place, we’re now closer to 26,000 pageviews and have accumulated 300+ watchers but still Happy dance :shuffelin: Cheerleader :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz

THANK YOU for helping us reach this enormous number in 3+ years! I hope you know how much it means to us to have the lot of you finding our page and deviations, commenting on and faving our photos. It wouldn’t be half as much fun if we didn’t get the acknowledgement that you continue to give us, that you love and appreciate what we do, and please know, we adore every one of you for it :heart:

 I don’t know if pageviews can multiply when you look through your own gallery and view your own deviations, because in that case we might have helped ourselves along involuntarily…

You may have noticed some changes and updates in our gallery. Every year or so, we clean up our gallery. We check every single deviation we’ve submitted and remove those no longer desired by ourselves (boring photos without any quality to speak of) and (re-)edit those we don’t want to get rid of.

But don’t worry, because we’re also working on getting some new photos ready. What to expect? Photos of a young Southern Tamandua :tighthug:

The little baby (yet to be named and sexed) was born on October 26th during the night at BestZOO. It's one of the smaller zoos in the country, yet, it's the only one that has successfully bred Tamanduas - in fact, this baby's older sister was the first ever to be born in The Netherlands. I’d read about this baby's birth that very morning, and managed to convince my Dad (the Mouselemur had to work on an assignment for school – in the weekend) we had to go that very day.

We had some trouble finding the baby the first round around the zoo, but the second we spotted it. It was so cute and tiny and nearly bald and kind of ugly but so ADORABLE :aww:

Of course, it wasn’t even a day old, but we went back a week later, and got a much better look at it and some photos we’ll be sharing with you :)

You can already see the first one in our gallery:
Wee by Mouselemur

We’re planning another trip to Zoo Dierenrijk to see the baby Red Pandas. The weather hasn’t been great, kind of dreary and with poor lighting. We’re trying some new things so we’re hoping for a somewhat brighter day to give it a new try ;)


In between some zoo visits, we’ve been finishing our first semesters at college, and starting the next. Especially the Mouselemur has already made several tests and essays (and the ones she has to work on during the weekend don’t even get her a grade), but so far she’s passed every single one.

And guess what, she’s even in the running to win a prize :D So proud of you sis :heart:

While I’ve been getting used to my Master’s education – and living up to the expected level of knowledge, expertise and intelligence, which is a lot higher set than with the Bachelor’s education – I’ve fully recaptured my passion for an old hobby.

Writing during NaNoWriMo has gone unexpectedly well and has so far been very enjoyable. I actually finished my story in the first ten days, with 54+k words written. Now that most of the pressure is off, I’m making use of some other ideas to simply keep writing but in a more relaxed way ;)

 I can hardly believe it’s already mid-November and not only because NaNo will almost be over, but also because it seems like I’ve only just gotten used to writing “2014” instead of “2013”. To think that in one and a half month, I’ll have to get uses to 2015 again seems so weird.

Luckily, I’ve got some things looking forward to, first of course the Mouselemur’s birthday early December, and our older sister’s birthday later in the month. But on December 18th, one of the most exciting events of this year will take place – we’ll be seeing Ben Howard perform live :squee: I’m so excited to see and hear him play all his new songs after the Mouselemur’s got me hooked to his music to begin with.

I never pegged myself to become the kind of girl who’d be scouring places to see bands perform live, but so far I’ve been to the and Dutch band Di-Rect (my first concert ever, back with the older singer), seen Fish perform 3 times in 3 different venues – and are now able to relive the first concert of his I’ve ever been to now that I’ve given the tour DVD to my Dad for his birthday as we always go there together :lol: - been to The Script with both my sisters (and we’re going to see them again on March 20th :boogie:), went to see OneRepublic with the Mouselemur because our older sister was on her flight back from a month long vacation in South Africa.

Compared to others, it’s not much – we’re no festival visitors and see dozens and dozens of artists perform in a few days time – but it’s definitely a record I’m rather proud of.

So, what are concerts you’ve been to, or still long to go to?

I’m hoping OneRepublic will return to the Netherlands because the Mouselemur and I have already agreed to go see them next time they play here. Another one you might be able to guess after you’ve seen one of our last journals, is Matchbox Twenty but I guess that one deserves a spot on my bucket list as I don’t think they’ll be coming to the Netherlands anytime soon :P


I know I said we would probably pay a visit  to the zoo, and since the weather forecast was actually really good, we decided to give it a go. We walked past our usual haunts:
:bulletred: The Corsac Foxes barely showed, so no new photos of them just yet (we're waiting for the full winter coat so they'll be a bit fluffier).
:bulletorange: The Oriental Small-Clawed Otters were indescribably cute as always (Mr. Fond-of-Himself couldn't help but touch his stuff as he's been doing every time we've visited since Spring).
:bulletyellow: The Red Panda twins were inside their nest box and didn't come out :( No new photos of them either.
:bulletgreen: The Binturong enclosure was once again being worked on, so we still haven't seen him except for on photos.
:bulletblue: We took good use of the sun with the Raccoon Dogs; especially the old lady who popped out two litters of pups ( I believe there were first 6 and then 5) two years in a row was looking pretty in her full winter coat. I do hope we managed to get some good photos of her.
:bulletpurple: The Griffon Vultures were spreading their wings real nicely today and we've spent some time trying to get good photos of them.
:bulletpink: One of the Eurasian Lynxes was grooming herself before trying to make a pass at a silly bird who'd thought landing in the feline enclosure would be a good idea. The bird managed to get away :)
:bulletred: We've had more luck than ever in a really long time with the Siberian Tigers. Laszlo and Laila were real cuddly when they first came to the zoo but have been pretty much ignoring and avoiding each other lately. The last few times, we found them lying together on the ground but it was hard to get a good photo. This visit paid off, I hope as they were their old selves again and being really cute together and plain photogenic.
:bulletorange: The Mouselemur has a fondness for one of the Eurasian Wolves that has a crooked ear. Since we threw out the photo we had of him from the site, we wanted to try get a new one. Except the Wolves didn't really want to come out (even though pretty much all the Brown Bears they share the enclosure with were asleep). We found him in the little space between the indoors and outdoors and he was trudging through muddy puddles, looking at us and considering going further outside merely to go another round. He was too close to get a good photo through the fence, so better luck next time.
:bulletyellow: Remember this photo? It's pretty much the closest we've come to either twin of the Polar Bear cubs born 2 years ago. This visit, we found the male, Pixel, lounging on that very same box and being very cute and silly looking at us. It was hard getting a good shot at the white (though muddy) bear with the sun blaring down on him, but we gave it a good try and hope we'll be able to share it with you ;)
:bulletgreen: Our other close encounter was with the darkest of the African Lion males at the zoo. We decided to have lunch on one of the benches in front of their enclosure but as we sat down all three Lions had moved off and out of seeing range. We were halfway through eating our lunches, when suddenly the darkest brother moved towards us with purpose and started making deep-throated sounds (not real roars, but it was a definite Lion-esque sound). Let me tell you, sitting on that bench, almost eye-level with that big Lion who's prowling ahead with his eyes fixed on you... I'm not too proud to tell you I scurried off. Took a photo of him from some distance, but I didn't really dare get close. It's a cowardly move, but with the glass as a barrier between you and him, it's almost as if he can reach you. And as one of those very glass windows had only just been fixed after having been broken (I don't know how) I wasn't going  to give him a reason to charge :aww:

Well, I managed to fill you in on the latest going-ons and please, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask ;)


As always, lots of love,

Mouselemur & Me :blowkiss:

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