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Hi guys,

As you all may have noticed, I’ve been pretty busy lately, and same goes up for the Mouselemur.

She’s trying to finish up her research (she’s got till May 9th, so that’s just a little over a month) and she’s let one she’s getting kind of worried whether she’s going to make it.

It’s the final piece of her education she needs a grade for to graduate (and I just know, that when she’s finished, she’s going to ace it, she’s truly that good) so it’s not weird for her to be worried. I mean, this is your graduation we’re talking about, the thing – honestly, just a little paper – you’ve been busting your ass off for four years!

So when I tell you my story, you can imagine I’m pretty glum as I’m writing this.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve known I had a test today. I had to study and make the test Theory and Historiography for the fourth time. In case you’re wondering how it could possible take me over 3 tries to pass this test, it’s about the scientific construction of history. All the notionalists and their thoughts, all the different movements and their visions and models. And that’s only half of the test; I also have to read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” yet again and analyse it to the bone.

I even requested a half day off from my internship so I could make this test I’d been preparing for.

So I travelled by train – almost 1.5 hour – get to school, get to the right room and realize all the students standing there hadn’t brought in their books. They only had their own notes and were putting them away.

For the past two years that I’ve been making this test, we got to keep our books with us while making the test. An open-book-test we call it. Typically me, I freaked and panicked. What am I going to do? Am I supposed to make this test while I’d assumed I could keep everything with me, and answer a test that looked nothing like the one I’d previously made 3 times over? They even were taught by a different teacher, who wasn’t there nor was the one I who was my teacher.

I’m pretty shaken up – it’s April now, and seeing how this teacher of mine isn’t around much, I doubt I could set an appointment to make the test I’m used to before the vacation that starts April 25th – which is 2 weeks from now and Easter is right in the middle of it.

Also, I’ve got my internship and need to make my hours, so it’s not really easy to take off on days; I need to make appointments on my days off, and even they aren’t always a day off.

So now I’ve sent an email to my teacher for an appointment after the vacation (same as to a different teacher I need to redo a test for) and am keeping my fingers crossed they’ll post respond positively.

Because by May 1st, I need to have chosen a follow-up education. And when July comes around, all my grades need to be accounted for to be able to graduate this Summer. I could do it in August, but that’s so very last second.

Of course, I didn’t write a former journal called “Procrastination, call me thy queen” for nothing. By setting these dates so late, I do realize I’m procrastinating. But as I tried to make an appointment with my teacher of Theory and Historiography before – sent an email about 2.5 weeks ahead – and failed to make an appointment, I figured I’d best shove it a bit ahead.

This does mean however I’m jinxing myself. What if I fail the test – AGAIN? What if I need even more time? I’ve already expanded my education by a year, I really don’t want to add another.

But I just feel so stupid. And the stupidest thing: if I have no idea whatsoever whether I’ll pass this test, how could I possibly choose a follow-up education? Because if I haven’t even made the test yet, how can I know there will even be a chance of graduating?

The worst part is, that I relied on making this test and didn’t bring my home keys with me, as I’d probably be home by 18.00 hours. And everybody would be in, which at this hour, they wouldn’t be. So I’m purposely staying at school and writing this journal – and basically, venting my troubled thoughts to you guys – so I don’t end up at the locked house.

And you can imagine I’m already doubting my decision not to make this test – on the other hand, I didn’t study all that hard, I just got the basic things in my head. And all those other students even had a different book. So it’s the right decision. Right?


Gah, I’m getting fed up with myself right now.


Alright-y then. Good news is: the Mouselemur has been editing some oldies to be replaced. On Free Premium Member Day, I requested some critiques on older, more unpopular artwork to get some pointers of what to do better, things to edit to make the photo more appealing and stuff.

Cruising through our gallery, I found a few photos that I considered kind of “meh”, not really capturing that WOW factor. So you may be seeing some photos disappear (when I find them again, that is).


So here’s a little to cheer us all up :D

Cheer Up. by Skia


Even though I’m in a definite bad mood right now – well, more morose, but hey – I’m going to give you always my love as always :aww:

BTW: even though this day started out real crappy (I saw a mother duck and her eight teeny, tiny ducklings two weeks ago, to discover ths morning she was on her own and one of her babies was dead on the bicycle path :sad: :crying: rvmp ) but I got some good news from my local zoo Dierenrijk: they're not only getting Ring-Tailed Lemurs (which I knew) but also Red-Ruffed Lemurs! :D
Not on the cliche Island, but the walk-in enclosure type.
They're arriving this Wednesday, and Wednesdays are one of my duty-less days, so I can go be there! :aww:
(The zoo will be celebrating their 10th anniversary for 10 days starting May 3rd. May be spending some of my vacation days there ;P)


Mouselemur & Me :blowkiss:

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  • Reading: Rereading The Best Man by Kristan Higgins
  • Watching: Other students
  • Eating: Sultana Knappers cinnamon
  • Drinking: Bottled water


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