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Hey guys :wave:


How are you all doing mid-September? I guess in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re all enjoying the start of Spring, while we in the North have been gradually moved to Autumn.

Though I thoroughly the Spring-time with all those young animals – I mean, how can you say no to this cuteness:


LeapFrogging Lamb by thrumyeye Duckling by JRose-Photography Levitating Lamb by thrumyeye

Mare and her foal - Edited by Spirit-Of-The-Horse Duckling by SzandorDuBois

Rolling foal by Shadow-and-Flame-86 Bella and Calf by BlackDogBarnyard kitten by aviusst

Highland Longhorn Calf by mad1dave Happy Puppy by DeingeL-Dog-Stock

Kitten by t3h-ninja Boxer Puppy by MD-Arts Lost Baby Deer by carvedangel

Cute Fox Kit by thrumyeye Red Deer and Foal by SilverShadow17

Baby Bunny by Sugargrl14 Mother and Kit by Les-Piccolo wild crocus 1 by Floriandra

Buttercup Bunny by CheckAvailability a daisy by Kapaska


Honestly, I could go on for a very long time showing you photos that I associate with Spring :D And to be honest, looking for and at these photos, makes me long for time to speed up, just so I will have more than just photos to look at, but also the actual thing.

Doesn’t mean autumn doesn’t have its charms, of course. I mean, have you ever taken a good look at all those fall colors out there?


mushroom by 1ShiningMoon Father's Eyes 9589P by Sooper-Deviant Scandinavian Autumn 2 by Floreina

Latvian autumn by kuzjka Autumn Offering by Luperkalia

Autumn light by WiciaQ Just a Bite... by MamzelleZephyr Autumn in Palsankoski by m-eralp

Last Autumn by Weissglut Fall Canvas by lowapproach


Pretty gorgeous, right? I think it makes up for the dwindling temperatures, and I have to say – seeing Zoo Dierenrijk’s Red Panda twins with their lovely red coats fit in very well. I hope to be showing you some photos soon of the progress they’ve made :aww: Last week, they finally ventured outside, which was about time as they tend to do this when they’re approximately 3 months old. Being born on June 18th, it was high time. After seeing a first photo, I went out to visit the zoo as soon as I could, and hope to be paying another visit this weekend.

They’ve grown A LOT, but they’re still kind of small. Time will go fast, I’m afraid, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to see a bit more of them before they’re all grown up.

A few other Zoo Dierenrijk updates (as it’s been the only zoo I’ve visited lately, what with school and no car when my Dad’s at work):

A Binturong has joined the collection. Unfortunately, when exploring his enclosure for the first time, his nose came in contact with one of those electric fence wires, and he immediately scurried inside again. Next thing they know, a few days later, he’s found wandering the premises of the zoo. Yes, you understood that right: he escaped. And was put right back into quarantaine, so I haven’t yet seen him.

Meanwhile, they’re also working on a new exhibit for a couple of Java Sparrows, and I’m really curious what that’s going to be like. They’re pretty small birds, and it’s a holey structure from what I’ve seen so far, that’ll make up their enclosure. Again, easy escaping, you’d say. Guess they’re the experts, though :shrug:

Remember the Griffon Vulture chick that was born in 2012? You can recognize him (and his sibling that was born this year) because they’re almost reddish-brown in their plumage. Anyway, I had been wondering where the big guy had gone, because by the time the chick of this year had hatched, he was no longer around :( But apparently, he’s been give a more bright future (at least, I hope that’s how it’s turned out). He has been released into the WILD in Hungary :hooray:

In the last photo I’ve uploaded ( I’ve mentioned Clown-Nose the Oriental Small-Clawed Otter. I thought his nose was like that, but the in-house photographer mentioned he’d had a too close encounter with either one of the boards or also, one of those electric zapping fence wires. The redness isn’t as bad as it was a few weeks ago, and I hope it’ll fade even further. Don’t know what he’ll look like without it, though :hmm: Also, the other male Otter is showing some really weird behavior, which has caused him the name Mr. Fond-of-Himself. Let’s just say, he really loves playing with “himself”, if you get my drift. I don’t know if it’s normal, but it sure is freakish to watch…


Anyway, November (and October, by the way) are not just the months leading up to Winter – they’re also the months leading up to November. And that means: PREP-TIME!

For what? Well, if you like to write or read, you may have heard about it. To be quite frank, the first time I heard about it was here on DeviantART, and I thought to myself: “boy, that sounds hard – fun, but I don’t think I’m cut out for doing that sort of thing”.

So these past two years, I’ve been thinking about it, and in January, I finally got myself an account. And now I’m proud to say I’ve participated twice in Camp, and am starting the real deal for the first thing this November.

Yes, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Although I guess it has long surpassed the whole “national” part, as I know for a fact there are over a 100 people from the Netherlands (don’t know the exact number :P) that participate every November as well.

In April, I rewrote a story I’d been working on for some time, and I have to say, that goal of 50,000 words? It makes you want to reach it. Telling yourself, “Oh well, I’m going to write a story this month, let’s see how far I get” just doesn’t cut it. Getting to see that graph grow every time you renew your word count is a total thrill :la: :nuu: :la:

Then when July was starting to lure, I started thinking of a new project. Perhaps you may have noticed somewhere along the way that the Mouselemur is a HUGE Jane Austen fan. Ever since the popularity that has come of the televised series and film of “Pride and Prejudice” (if you ask me, you are not a fan of Jane Austen if it’s all about Colin Firth and/or the lake scene, as they were not invented by Jane Austen herself), a lot of authors have attempted to make a modern adaption of the book.

Though the hero was not as magnanimous as the revered Mr. Darcy, together with the Mouselemur I had fallen in love with the story of “Persuasion” and I wanted to make my own modern adaption of the story. Except there was one problem: I had only seen the movie and hadn’t read the book yet. The Mouselemur put stickers and made notes of all the passages that were important to the development of the story, or were funny enough to go into my story.

Over the course where I plotted the line of my story, the Mouselemur lent me a helping hand and advice at every turn when I thought I needed it. Which resulted after about 10 days in a complete rewrite of the first part of my story I had already written during Camp. Puts quite the stress on you to finish in time, while at the same time making sure that you still reach your goal :faint:

My first attempt at Camp, I had well reached my word goal of 50k, with over 77k :w00t: My “Persuasion” attempt had a lot of bumps and grinds while writing, but I managed to get it past the 50k count, with 54k. I haven’t looked at it since, because I’m afraid I was just getting past the scenes that had to go in that I had outlined in my notes (done by the Mouselemur, btw :P).

I don’t know what I’ll be writing this NaNoWriMo – all I know is that inspiration has already struck and I’m writing again (or should that be already?) :)

It’s really weird to think that I might not have made it in either Camp, if I couldn’t have talked my ideas over with the Mouselemur. She’d helped with my first Camp story, that had gone in it’s 3rd or 4th rewrite. I used to hate to talk about my ideas, the people I was coming up with in my head – and I’m not even talking about having others read my work! It’s just really dreadful, but then you find that one person who knows and loves the story and characters (at least, I hope) as much as I do :D That’s been the case with my first two Camps, and I’m hoping she’ll be able to help me out again this NaNo :aww:

The story is one I’d written back when I was sixteen – the first one I had finished and was pretty proud of :D Except that about two years later, I thought it was completely childish and horrible :hmm: The idea came about because of something the Mouselemur had said, and when I started my new school, it had just started taken shape, and I wrote the 104 pages in Microsoft Word in 3 months time… Which seems awfully fast now that school is taking up a lot more time, and I have much more assignments.

Maybe I’ll drag it all the way into NaNo, I don’t know. I’m not that far in, and school is adding on a lot of pressure. Aside from that, I’m still looking for a job to earn some money and maintain my loved hobby of reading :) It will take away a lot of free days, but hopefully I’ll still have the weekend to visit zoos and keep you happy with a few photos once in a while (or a bit more often, I don’t know yet).

 How To Handle Your Plot Bunny by Petit-J

 At least, I don’t have to beg the Mouselemur to help me :D She helps me out if I need it, and I don’t have to give anything in return. She hasn’t even pushed me to read my shoddy attempt at “Persuasion” yet :lol: Without kidding though, I really enjoy being able to talk to someone about it. I know some people who really fear doing so, while others have their entire family read every latest addition to their story.

Talk, read it over again and again, edit it once more – it all helps with the process of completing the story. Even if it means starting over from scratch, eliminating a character or scene, come up with something new entirely… Just don’t do it on your own :)


We both try to be as active as we possibly again aside from school assignments, but I try to at least get in some comments, replies, faves etc. as well as keep up with our responsibilities for the groups we (help) administer :)

Talking to you guys is always a lot of fun and makes up for a crappy day, so I hope you’ll stick around even when submissions slow down a bit now that we can no longer schedule them to go up every day or so :aww:


As always, with lots and lots of love,

Mouselemur & Me :blowkiss:

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